When Organs Quit

When Organs Quit

There can be many reasons our organs give out on us. Modern life can cause us stress. There is a resurgence in urban gardening, community sponsored agriculture, meditation, and nature… but urban life can cause a lot of emotional and physical stress on the body. Our body can deal with some stress; after all, humans have made it through plagues, dysentery, millennia of war, and a long line of unfit rulers.

Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle offers a combination of stressful factors: pollution, junk food, radiation, loneliness, medical errors, bad posture, and the modern workplace. Any of these alone strains our organs, but together they often prove too much. The body can overheat and our livers turn brittle and our hearts might look cooked if our chest was opened up. The large intestine dries out and many can barely squeeze out a poop and stand up from the toilet winded.

But wait, there is hope! Taoist masters know how to use safety valves in nature. Trees, parks, clean and running water, slow breathing, and moving the body’s energy can release the heat from our body. Self-massage, stretching and tai chi can warm the cold parts of our body (sex organs, extremities, and kidneys). The cure for the concrete jungle, which I also love, is the garden. Your lifestyle determines your death style. How else can we keep our organs healthy?

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