What you resist persists

Nothing is free of that which it resists

The more you hate something, the harder it is to escape it. The politician or their political party… as you despise it, it’s occupying space in your mind. You’re talking about it, tweeting about it, looking for it and a way to make it wrong. 

When you push against something, you’re intimately involved with it. There’s an idea in psychology, about the little dance with the thing you hate. So we’re always kind of keeping it alive by stoking the fires of hatred. If I don’t like war, big banksters, and corporate polluters, I find myself marching against war and talking about my hatred. 

There was a sign in my neighborhood one time that said “no war,” instead of just “peace.” There it was, hanging out of their house. Every time they came and went from their house, they would see this giant sign about war. It’s hard, because as you’re resisting something, you have to deal with it. You’re not free of something when you resist it. What you resist, persists. 

Mother Theresa said they asked her to go to an anti-war rally. She said, “no thanks, but if you have a pro-peace rally I’d love to be there.” So how do you stand up for what you believe in without hating or resisting something else? 


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