We are Stardust

We are Stardust

Taoists look for parallels between humanity and nature. Humans feel the push and pull of the moon, sun, and stars—but usually it gets explained away as stress, luck, weather, or last night’s pizza. Ancient Taoist masters discovered, theorized, and determined that each human life is affected by certain planets and stars, based on the time of birth. 

After testing these theories, Taoist masters came to believe the stars and planets influenced the fates of humans; including life, death, and good or bad fortunes. Through millennia, Taoists developed astrology to a high level and found that the Earth is the planet with the most significant impact. Further, it’s not only the Earth itself affecting humans, but the way the earth mediates the forces of the heavens. Because, you see, the Taoists see the earth as a highly intelligent, independent being going through these changes and cycles itself.

Humans are nourished by the stars, sun, moon, and earth. Each of these bodies effects aspects of humans differently; the glands, organs, bones, and systems. Some Taoists feel there is a spark of stardust in every cell of our body, making the stars in the body a mirror of the night time sky. Meditations to work with the stars and planets help balance these energies inside of us. By looking internally and softening our edges, we can learn our lessons before the wheels of fate grind us down. 


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