Warming the Lower Abdomen  

Warming the Lower Abdomen  

Warming the lower abdomen can be achieved through an exercise called Warming the Stove. It is a simple exercise but can have profound effects on the energy of the organs and the effects will spill over into psychological and emotional benefits. Warming the Stove involves massaging the navel area with the palm of one hand and massaging the lower back with the back of the other hand.

For instance, we can start with the left palm on the navel and the back of the right hand on the lower back, with both hands massaging in a circular manner. Then, we switch hand placement and massage in a circular manner to the other direction. This can help the large intestine move properly and keep the liver, spleen, and small intestine energized. Massaging the lower back can warm the kidneys and the lumbar vertebrae, as well as the discs between the vertebrae.

When we drink ice cold drinks, the small intestine must process the cold liquid. The kidneys, lower back, and psoas muscles all become cold and contracted. Fecal matter can get stuck in the corners of the large intestine when it energy is stuck and we don’t move our body enough. The area of the diaphragm, and the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, and solar plexus can all become tight. Thinking too much or having excessive emotions can drive our energy to the head and the heart. It is important to consciously bring the energy back to the viral organs.

Warming the Stove can help all of conditions, including fatigue from over-active adrenal glands.

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