Vitality Exercises

Vitality Exercises

Vitality is determined by the strength of the kidneys and associated parts of the body and psyche.

To strengthen the kidneys, breathe in the essence of the water element in nature: rivers, oceans, and/or the moon. This is a great practice for the winter months.

Listening to the sound of winter’s stillness also nurtures the ears and their associated organ, the kidneys.

Gently tap and massage the kidneys to awaken and warm the tissue in the organs and lower back.

Feet flat, bending over as if to touch the feet. This strengthens the kidneys by stretching the lower back and the bladder meridian at the back of the legs. Also try facing the kidneys and hamstrings to the shining sun to heat the tissue and organs.

The kidney sound (CHOOOO) is one of the famous Six Healing Sounds from the Taoist tradition. The sound can be made in a low and guttural manner 3-6 times. In between making the sounds, one can turn awareness inward to the kidneys and express gratitude.

Stroke the Kidney Meridian: The kidney meridian travels from the balls of the feet, up the inside of the leg (on both legs), and up toward the collar bones. In this practice, one can massage up to the hips and then around the back to the kidneys themselves. From there, one can follow the bladder meridian down the back of the legs and start again at the balls of the feet.

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