Visualizing Health

At times, I have felt that visualization does not come easy for me. When I close my eyes, it is as though my mind begins racing.  There are some effective techniques for increasing one’s ability to visualize specific outcomes. One exercise for strengthening our visions, is to use note cards. We can have note cards that describe the vision in writing, show a photo of the goal as complete, and include an affirmation that describe that goal as already complete in the present tense.

For instance, if we have a goal for each area of our lives, we can write on note cards and place these note cards beside the bed and read them in the morning and the evening. We can also carry them in our back pocket or handbag.  When we’re waiting for food at a restaurant and waiting in line at the bank, we can look through our cards and goals. And, these goal cards can be pictures of healthy organs that we visualize inside of us.

Vision boards are becoming more popular and we can place these somewhere that we will see them regularly.  To create a vision board, go through magazines or search the internet for pictures of your goals as complete. You can print a picture of a school like the one you want to build in an impoverished foreign country.

Perhaps you create a collage of the library books like what you want to donate. It works for a car like the one you want to have, or jewelry you want to wear. Your vision board can have a picture of your ideal body type with your face pasted on it. The idea is that we want to remind ourselves and our subconscious minds of the reality we want to create. These vision prompts will cause us to make different decisions in everyday life to bring the visions into reality.

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