Using Energy

Using Energy

Imagine each day our bodies have a balance of 100 energy credits. When we are young and/or healthy, our organs function properly. Our eating, resting, and activity are done efficiently. These energy-giving activities provide 100 “energy credits.” The output for energy requirements such as working, thinking, digesting, and emotional activities take a withdraw of 70-80 energy credits—and we’re able to bank creative reserves of energy.

But, as one gets older, the body operates less efficiently. The body’s energy account isn’t replenished as easily. Eating, breathing, and sleeping may only bring in 70 energy credits. The body will require the same energy expenditures, and perhaps more, because digestion will be harder and absorption of food won’t work as well.

When the body isn’t using energy from outside sources efficiently, it starts to rob vital energy from the internal organs. The kidneys, lungs, spleen, liver, and heart give up their energy to make the body operate. Which, makes them less efficient, adding to the deficit and downward spiraling cycle.

Fortunately, the ancient Taoists developed and passed down exercises for maintaining vitality well into old age. By keeping the internal organs healthy and processing emotions efficiently, one is able to get the most from external sources. Start by massaging the lower abdomen in a circular fashion around the navel and and massaging the lower back to keep the kidneys warm.

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