Transmitting Energy

Transmitting Energy 

Chi Kung healers have been measured by modern technologies. These practitioners can transmit energy that will register on machines and have been found to transmit different types of energies and frequencies from their beings. Hospitals in China use modern techniques for diagnosis and some treatment, in conjunction with esoteric energy healing techniques. 

Most energy healing is practiced through energy centers in the hands. Chi kung practitioners are known to build their energy through standing chi kung, meditation, and Taoist yoga. Energy can be transmitted through the hands via massage techniques, needles, or other implements. Energy for healing has also been shown to be transmitted without physical touch in medical settings.  

To go further away from the mainstream, energy transmission and healing can be done from a distance. As one ‘non-Taoist’ example, the ho’oponopono healing process is to think of who you want to heal and keep repeating “I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You.” This idea is said to work because by healing oneself, we heal others. Reiki, hands on healing in western traditions, and simple prayer have been shown to create results in scientific studies.

If you’re already here, reading this, I doubt you need to be convinced of energy and energy transmission. However, as you teach and share with your family and community, it can help to point to resources that ‘validate’ these ideas from a scientific perspective.

For your own practice if you’re already convinced, then practice. Be your own experiment. Practice breathing in the energy of the earth, the trees, stars, and planets you can see how you feel. Breathe energy in through your nose and mouth and through your skin and every hair on your body. Watch the Big Dipper turn and map the seasons—imagine it pours purple star energy on your head and community with each turn. Trace your origin back from human in 2020 to stardust and your creator. See what you can find and write to me about it.

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