The Yellow Emperor and Enlightenment

Huang Di asked, “I’ve heard of people in ancient times, spoken of as the immortals, who knew the secrets of the universe and held the world in the palm of their hands. They extracted essence from nature and practiced Qi Gong and various stretching and breathing exercises, and visualizations, to integrate body, mind and spirit. They remained undisturbed and thus attained extraordinary levels of accomplishment. Can you tell me about them?”
-The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine (the Neijing Suwen) ~240 B.C. translated by Maoshing Ni

The Yellow Emperor transmits medical books to Lei Gong: The Yellow Emperor, Huangdi, seated beneath a yellow canopy in the shade of a pine tree, flanked by four civil and military officials. is shown presenting books containing medical knowledge to Lei Gong, the Thunder Duke. 

The Great Way Makes Sense
Walking on the Great Way
Is a path that makes sense.
The path of the Great Way
Is demonstrated by all aspects of nature.
It is a straight and easy path,
But people find many distractions.
Chasing fancy homes and expensive clothes Mean we neglect the spirit.
Many carry sharp weapons, But their minds are dull.
The senses are numbed
By excess food and drink,
And the Tao is all but forgotten Until the moment of death.

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