The Water Element

The Water Element

The water element in nature flows down to a level and stays close to the ground. In the body, the water element is represented by the kidneys, the bone marrow, the reproductive organs, and the lymphatic system. In the seasons, the water element is similar to Winter and the Winter Solstice. This is the time when the bear hibernates, the time of maximum cold, the shortest days, and the longest nights.

As a personality type, the water element may want to stay in. It thinks about survival, conserving energy, and storing food for the Winter. A water type wants to keep supplies close so we don’t run out. When taken too far, it focuses on scarcity. The water energy is also our creative energy. It is the source of creating life and it wants to pour into creative endeavors.

The water aspect of your personality wants to take care of your body. It likes you to drink an adequate amount of water, eat nutritious food, and stay close to the earth (and be grounded) in your thinking. Close to the ground means close to your home, close to comfort, and staying warm. To strengthen your body, you can rub and massage your kidneys until they are warm.

When the water is dysfunctional, it can spill all over the place. It is helpful to have a container to hold it. The container can be a strong body and a steady routine to life. If it spills (like dissipating you’re vitality or losing the reproductive energy in non-creative ways), the water aspects will weaken. Just as the fire element is hard to contain, the water element is also hard to contain. If it sinks into the ground, it’s hard to turn it into something usable. However, if you can harness that energy, just like in nature, it is very powerful–as it is used to run hydroelectric dams and power cities.

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