The Triple Warmer Sound, Massage the Jaw

The six healing sounds are breathing exercises and body postures that serve as techniques for releasing trapped heat or cold, and stuck emotional patterns. These also move energy to allow stagnant fluids to disperse from their stuck place in the cells and tissues of the organs. The six healing sounds can be practiced standing, sitting, lying down before bed, or in the morning upon waking. They can be practiced while stressed out in traffic, at the dinner table while eating too much, or at the office desk when experiencing emotions after a call or email.

Self-massage can stimulate the flow of energy in areas of the body that may not have the best circulation without some external stimuli. The practices in this section include massaging the feet, the knees, the kidney meridian, and the sense organs of the face. By massaging the sense organs, the ability to see, hear, smell, taste, touch, and perceive with greater depth is enhanced. For most people, the entire reality is interpreted through the five senses. Further, those wishing to use extrasensory perception can find more success by a strengthened collaboration of the five senses. Therefore, massaging the sense organs, as well as keeping them clean through holistic practices, can create overall well-being for the entire organism.

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