The Solar Plexus and Related Organs

The Solar Plexus and Related Organs

The acupuncture point known as Functional Channel 12 is located at the solar plexus, halfway between the navel and the base of the sternum. Internal organ healing techniques (chi nei tsang) massage this point to balance the energy of the stomach, spleen, pancreas, and liver. Massaging the solar plexus and reducing tension here helps the function of all the following organs.

The spleen forms bloods cells, filters blood, and supports the immune system as a lymphatic organ. The pancreas produces hormones, manages the conversion of glucose into energy, and converts sugar stored in the liver back to blood sugar for energy in the body. The stomach, in Chinese medicine, handles the “rotting and ripening” of food in the body. It then transports the food to the intestines for the process of absorption.  The liver breaks down wastes, alcohol, and other toxic substances. It also creates bile to help digest food before it reaches the small intestine.

The emotions of the organs also relate to the openness or closedness of the solar plexus. When it is open, people feel strong, stable, and confident. They may take healthy and calculated risks and the fight or flight of the adrenals at the back of the solar plexus functions properly. When the solar plexus is closed, one may feel worried, frustrated, nervous, and closed off.

We can visualize a golden, miniature version of our planet earth like a soft ball or bowling ball at the solar plexus. We can also make the connection between the solar plexus and the sun in the sky. When one feels balanced here, one approaches life in a more fair and balanced way. A sense of acceptance and right and wrong is more easily accessed. Begin with massaging in a circular fashion at the solar plexus 10-20 times in each direction. Relax and feel it open while smiling.

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