The Seat of Emotions 

The Seat of Emotions 

Taoists see the heart as the seat of emotions. In a many people, there is trapped energy around the heart and emotions are blocked in the chest. This post will cover a few ways to relax the chest, release trapped heat, release trapped ‘winds,’ and move stuck emotions around the chest. 

First, and most simply, breathe deeply and smile at the heart. Exhale the heart sound (HAAAAAA) as we feel heat leaving the body. Direct this hot and emotional energy the meridians and into the ground. The heart meridian travels down the inside of the arms, from the armpit to the pinky finger. The pericardium also regulates the heat in and around the heart, so that meridian can also move heat from down the inside of the arm and out the palms and middle finger.

Second, we can massage the sternum, chest, and the upper ribs. Some of these points will be tender, soft, and painful, so be gentle. It may take a few weeks of self massage—remember we may be releasing decades of emotions. So go slow and be easy, the healing won’t happen over night. (My favorite osteopath says 10:1 is a good ratio for healing, meaning 10 years of pain:1 year of healing.) Be patient and do the work.

Finally, the back of the heart can be a place where emotional shadows and heat can hide. One technique is to lay on our back, wrap our arms around our torso as in giving ourselves a hug. With the arms wrapped, roll up ‘crunching’ the abdomen, at the top, turn right and left, opening the vertebrae behind the heart. Roll back down and switch the arms. Then roll back up again. This provides movement in the shadows and clouds behind the heart and allows the heat and emotions to go directly into the ground/yoga mat/and bed. 

Give these things a try! Peace, love, and WiFi. 

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