The Quality of Chi

The Quality of Chi 

Taoist masters say the quality of one’s life is the quality of chi they have flowing in the body. Taoist practices were designed to cultivate life energy at a high level. The result is to bring peace, good health, and deep spiritual fulfillment. 

The path of spiritual cultivation begins with the raw energy of nature mixing with the human’s reproductive energy. This becomes the fuel for more subtle energy flowing through channels and organs. Then, with meditative practices, the energy becomes spirit. 

Taoist sages watch the processes of nature. They see how the body is charged by energy from the trees, lakes, mountains, rivers, the sun, and the moon. Then, inside the body, these raw energies are mixed with the chi of reproductive and vital organs and energy channels of the body. 

Through the practice of compassion, gratitude, and growing virtuous energy the energy turns to spirit. The Inner Smile Meditation, Iron Shirt Chi Kung, Fusion of the Five Elements, and Alchemy of Water and Fire are all Taoist practices designed to cultivate spiritual virtue. 

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