The Metal Element

The Metal Element

The person with a predominately metal element personality can be cutting with their words. They will likely enjoy taking care of themselves and have nice taste in clothes and decor. The wood element personality like goals and planning, the fire element likes to be out in the world, and the Metal element likes time alone or with just a couple of people.

The metal energy is a contracting, retreating, or sinking energy—like rain falling, a waterfall, or low-hanging fog. The metal element relates to self-preservation and me conversations; whereas the wood element was more about community. The metal type asks ‘do I feel healthy and nourish myself? Do I feel that I’m taking good care of myself? Do I look tired? Do I look worn out or do I look refreshed because I’ve given myself that time? Look at how do you treat yourself how you talk to yourself. What level of self-confidence do you have? When’s the last time you took a spa day for yourself to pamper yourself?

A metal personality, when functioning well, can be courageous, honest, loyal, and focused on beauty. If a metal personality is dysfunctional, it can be prone to depression, sadness, dishonesty, and being a recluse. The Taoist practices of the six healing sounds, the inner smile, and basic chi Kung can be great for balancing the energy of the body and ensuring the systems of the body are functional.

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