The Large Intestine

The Large Intestine

In previous posts, I’ve mentioned massaging the corners of the large intestine with the hands or implements. Fecal matter can be caught in the ninety-degree turns of the large intestine and simple massaging can help that fecal matter move through the system.

Of course, a diet that is appropriate for the reader will not include a lot of matter and toxins that will get stuck in the large intestine or clog the other organs. Diet can be such an individual subject, so experiment with different diets and fasts.

Tai chi, yoga, and martial arts also help one keep the large intestine functioning properly. By moving the body in new and different ways, we detoxify the organs and keep matter and has from becoming stagnant. Cleaning the large intestine can help us maintain a healthy body weight, sleep well at night, wake up refreshed, move our bowels regularly and healthily.

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