The Hands Guide Energy

The Hands Guide Energy

Our hands have meridians and key points where energy flows to and from us and the outside world. These can be used in several ways to stimulate the flow of healing energy in the body. The energy in the hands can be used to stimulate points along acupuncture meridians to increase the flow of healing energy. The microcosmic orbit, for instance, travels along the governor vessel on the spine and the conception vessel on the front, midline of the body.

We can touch each point and stay there until we feel heat and the sensation of energy below the surface of the skin. It helps to see a ball of energy the size of billiard ball (for instance) glowing (and even spinning) at each point. We can also use the palm of one hand, at the Peridcardium-8 point, nicknamed ‘The Palace of Work’, to beam energy into our body at each point. Or, we can use three fingers and press into each point until we feel the pressing sensation, even after we take the fingers away.

The more we focus on each point, the more energy will flow there. Eventually, we won’t have to use the hands to feel energy at each point. But, even after two decades, it can be a helpful way to warmup the practice and to deepen the feeling of energy and connection between the physical and energetic parts of the body. For points that we can’t comfortably reach but want to stimulate, we can use a tennis/lacrosse ball to sit on or lean against on the floor or wall. As we feel the sensation at each point, we can feel that point expand and condense with our inhalation and exhalation.

Lastly, the hands help us stay present and focused on the body. With using the mind alone, our concentration can drift. The physical contact of the hands can help us feel more deeply than with the mind alone. The use of the hands can be a useful self-healing technique at each organ during the practice of the Inner Smile Meditation too. I hope this helps!

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