The Great Mystery

The Great Mystery

Where did we come from? And where will we go? We got to earth with a spiritual amnesia of sorts. Did we live before life and when did it begin? Can the dream world provide clues to the questions of whence and whither? Unraveling these questions and finding the path back (or forward) can be uncertain and rocky terrain. Even adopting a clear and accepted dogma doesn’t mean guarantee an easy life. 

Taking care of our physical health can prolong life. Nutrition, breathing, meditation, Tao yin, and qigong exercises rejuvenate the body and amplify energy in the body. Nurturing the body in these ways creates a storehouse of health and will provide helpful willpower to explore the spiritual questions in the first paragraph. 

The natural flow of our vital energy is out of the body and down to the earth. Over time, all the vital energy will flow out through a weak body and bad habits. Taoist practices, such as standing chi kung, the microcosmic orbit, and taoist sexual practices reverse the flow of energy back into the body and slow the aging affects of gravity on the physical structure. 

These exercises and more are covered in The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold 

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