The Eyes

The Eyes

The health of each organ and the overall energy the body can be seen in the eyes. We use our eyes to read, watch tv, look at screens, and navigate traffic. The everyday strain can make the ring muscles around the eyes weak and loose. Just like in the sex organs, the pelvic floor, and the anus, loose ring muscles around the eyes allow energy to leak out. 

In Chinese medicine, the eyes are the opening of the liver. Too many toxins in the blood overload the liver and the eyes can look tired and begin to discolor. Additionally, the eyes are connected to the nervous system. If the eyes are relaxed and at ease, the nervous system can rest too. 

Ways to heal the and relax the eyes include: 

•massaging the corners of the eyes upward, 

•rubbing the knuckles of the index fingers above and below the eyes, and 

•pulling the upper and lower eyelids out gently. 

Relaxing the eyes and smiling more can change our look and personality. Beady eyes can make people suspicious, but relaxed eyes with large areas of color are inviting. Meditation and self massage of the eyes can provide physical, mental, and emotional benefits. 

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