The Earth Element

The Earth Element

The Earth element or earth-type of energy relates to stability, practicality, grounded-ness, and rootedness. The other elements sort of brace themselves against the earth element. For instance, the wood element is sturdiest and strongest when it’s got roots deep in the Earth. Earth energy in your life has to do with routines, having a regular sleep pattern, and having a steady pace to life.

In the body, it relates to the stomach and the spleen and the ability to have regular, healthy, and nutritious food on a consistent basis. If you think about the spleen or the pancreas, it also has to deal with your blood sugar, and normal meals keep that steady. We don’t have the big spikes and the crashes in the spleen and pancreas’s activity. A sturdy earth element is very good.

Metaphorically, it can create a container to hold water or it can support fire. If you build a fire on a on solid ground, it stays there. ​When I was in Boy Scouts, there was a time we built a fire on a sandy ground. The earth wasn’t very stable and the fire went deep into the earth. It took hours of pouring water on the fire for it to go out because the fire had spread so far into the sandy ground. A steady, solid, stable Earth element can really support the fire. It can hold the water, it can give the wood element an expression by allowing the roots to dig in there, and it also helps the metal element, which we’ll talk about another time.

​The last thing on the Earth element thatI want to say is that our external actions and the way we shape our schedule can really help. So if you don’t feel you have stability inside of you, start to look at your time diary and schedule. The way we go from one thing to the next in our habits, does it support the idea of stability or not? The Earth element in the theory of Chinese medicine is that it holds the center. Does your sleep, diet, home, and schedule help you feel centered?

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