The Cosmic Clock

The Cosmic Clock

The Big Dipper is the cosmic time clock. It revolves around the North Star, the giant hands of a stellar time piece, marking the earth’s seasonal changes. Taoist meditation and imagery sees the Big Dipper gathering the star light of heaven as it spins, and then pours the starlight as it continues spinning. 

It is believed that there is a spark of star dust in every cell of the body. Star light is not seen to be as polarized as the hot sunlight or cool moonlight. Thus it is more neutral. Watching the night sky and feeling our resonance awakens this spark of neutral star energy within. 

Once this energy is brought from without and awakened within, it can be absorbed, transformed, and combined with virtuous energy in the organs. The energy can be stored in the bones, tendons, and channels. The energy of the stars is blended with the energy of earth and man, and the peaceful, slow, still energy of heaven is experienced within. 

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