The Body’s Orbit

The Body’s Orbit in a few Paragraphs

From the navel, to the pubic bone, and perineum, one then focuses on the sacrum, the point between the kidneys on the lower lumber, and the spinal point between the adrenal glands. Applying pressure to generate awareness causes energy to flow to each point. After opening these points, it is recommended to return energy to the navel for safe storage. 

After a couple of weeks, the practitioner can feel the energy move along the pathway of the aforementioned points. They can then bring awareness from the adrenal point, up the spine, to the back of the heart, the cervical seven vertebrae, and the base of the skull. One can return the energy to the navel or continue around the head to the front channel. Next, follow the points in the orbit: the crown, third eye, tongue and roof of mouth, the throat center, thymus gland, heart, solar plexus, and back to the navel. 

One can learn to feel the energy flow between these points at their own pace, but it is recommended to go slowly, taking weeks to learn these points; and then a lifetime to feel them open and for the energy to flow between them.

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