The Bioenergetic Basis of Life

“Brain cells use electrical pulses to talk with one another and guide functions ranging from heart rate and breathing to decision-making and navigation.

“Like the din of a crowd, the chatter of 100 billion neuronal cells in the human brain creates larger patterns of activity commonly called brain waves.

“The pulsing of a single neuron can switch a brain’s waves from the equivalent of a big ocean swell to ripples on a pond.” 

From: Breaking the Waves: A Single Neuron Can Change the Activity of the Whole Brain.

“Quantum biology is an example of a new discipline which incorporates field theory and combines principles of biophysics and molecular biology based on quantum physics.

“Understanding the interaction between human energy and human biology is intrinsic to the scientific understanding of the basis of Qigong. At a basic level, all life depends on molecules interacting through vibrating or oscillating energy fields. Each electron, atom, chemical bond, molecule, cell, tissue, organ, and the body as a whole has its own vibratory character.”

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