The Back of the Heart 

The Back of the Heart 

Is energy flowing up your spine, at the back of your heart? Or, is energy at the back of the heart blocked? Stuck emotions, physical tightness, or spiritual hardships can cause the heart to feel blocked. Blockages act like boulders blocking the river of energy traveling up the spine. 

Taoists have tendon exercises that can help. Bring the arms together as if hugging yourself. With the arms crossed and hands open, point the fingers up and back at each other. The tendon stretch is apparent, but the magic is in the opening of the thoracic vertebrae. The heart can be open in the front, but it is a 360 degree organ and this exercise helps it open in the back.

Taoist teachers explain that the front of the heart is closer to our everyday awareness. Therefore, our shadow hide behind the heart where we can’t see them. In addition to the tendon stretch above, the heart sound (HAAAA), the inner smile of the heart shining in all directions chase cloud away, and prone taoist yoga positions open the thoracic spine and allow energy to move. 

Standing postures like embracing the tree extend the spine, allowing it to function properly. Tai chi chi kung connects the body as a moving structure. When the body is united, it is harder for one aspect of ourselves to hide in the darkness of our energy body. 

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