The Abdominal Brain

The Abdominal Brain

The small intestine is in charge of absorption of nutrients from food and digestion. It is about twenty feet long, is filled with nerve cells, and fills up the central space of the abdomen.

Taoists believe that the small intestine is in charge of digesting emotions as well as food. When stress affects a person, the abdomen tightens up. Knots in the small intestine correspond to undigested emotions.

According the Classical Chinese Medicine and five element theory, anger contracts the right side of the intestine near the liver. Worry affects the upper left side near the spleen. Impatience and anxiety affect the top. Sadness affects both lower lateral sides. Fear affects the deeper and lower abdominal areas.

When the intestines become too crowded with toxins, the speed of digestion will slow down and the absorption function of the small intestine will be impaired. The intestine will become congested and cannot perform all its physiological functions.

A proper diet, physical movement, meditation (including the six healing sounds and fusion of the five elements), and abdominal self-massage can help the small intestine to relax. To help reverse years of chronicle stress, begin to spend time in nature, smile to others, and don’t take matters so seriously.

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