Tendon Strength, Acceptance

“Iron Shirt Chi Kung 2 is a Taoist practice for strengthening and rejuvenating the tendons.  The true strength of the body is held and expressed through the tendons, rather than the muscles.  Over the long term, the tendon strength holds up and requires much less maintenance and caloric fuel than building muscles.  The practice of strengthening the tendons also allows the joints to open, grow stronger, and store more energy.  The raw energy that is stored in the tendons and joints can be transferred into higher spiritual and creative energy.

“Iron Shirt 2, or Tendon Nei Kung, involves a series of moving postures that stretch and open tendons along the major tendon lines of the body.  The major tendon lines that benefit are the pinkie, thumb, and tendons of the wrist.  Tendons are connected throughout the body, so these postures create tendon strength and joint opening for the whole being.“

The Inner Smile meditation is about acceptance. It is about noticing and acknowledging ‘what is’ and saying ‘thank you.’ It is not about judging ourselves, berating our organs for not being better, or regretting the time we spent ignoring and taking for granted our most important vital functions. We already know how to put ourselves down. One end result of this Taoist system, or any spiritual path, is an acceptance of creation and finding oneself at peace with the universe and all that it contains. A feeling of connectedness with all of the manifest and nonmanifest world is an experience sages throughout time have explained explicitly or implicitly. Where better to begin this process than in one’s own body?

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