Taoist Feng Shui, Early Heaven Bagua

Product description

• The first book to explain how feng shui developed from the Taoist systems of astrology, yin and yang, and the five elements.

• Provides a background on Taoist philosophy to help readers better understand the principles of feng shui and how to use them properly.

• Helps readers improve home, business, garden, property, neighborhoods, and much more.

The Chinese art of feng shui has become extremely popular in the West, but too often advice on the subject consists of overly simplistic instructions for rearranging one’s house without any explanation of the profound philosophical system behind these changes. The ancient Taoists developed feng shui from their understanding of the subtle interplay of energies that make up the universe, and no true mastery of feng shui is possible without a knowledge of Taoism. Taoist Feng Shui provides step-by-step guidelines for improving your home, business, garden, property, and neighborhood using this ancient system of knowledge.

The feng shui image is known as the “early heaven bagua.” One simple way I think about this is to place the bagua over the floor plan. Imagine North is the entry way. The water symbol means a fountain can go there (have you seen fountains near the door of Asian restaurants?). Plants can go in the health and money areas (a jade plant or money tree). Similarly, we can put photos of our spouse and us and/or family in the love and marriage quadrant of the house. A simpler way to consider this is to decorate in a balance way throughout the whole room. For instance, don’t have a dark, empty, or dirty corner of a room or house when there are full, bright, or super clean areas of the house. There is a lot more to feng shui, but this is an appetizer and I encourage you to learn more.

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