Taoist Dream Practice

Taoist Dream Practice

Taoist Dream practice, at a very high level of explanation, is a way of having a mirror or looking glass into the level of peace or chaos of one’s everyday life. For instance, if dreams are fitful, weird, scary, or full of a particular theme, then we can look at those areas in our waking life.

If, we have dreams that we are running late, over-booked, or anxious, we can clean up areas where we are too busy in our waking life. Dreams where we are confused, lost, or continually retracing steps can show us that we need clarity in some areas of our waking life.

The Taoist approach to dreams is not one of dream interpretation, but rather an approach that the dream world has a real quality to it. The practitioner’s role is to become aware, conscious, and present in the dreams—and to realize it is a dream. Then, to see it as one part of a continuum connected to the waking experience and a dreamless experience.

The more we use the conscious mind to live virtuously, to clean up confusion, and even clean our house, the more clean, calm, and clear our dreams will be. And thus the better we will sleep and wake up refreshed. Try to tell yourself a Dream suggestion before falling asleep: “I remember my dreams,” or “I learn in my dreams tonight,” or “I wake up recharged,” or “I wake up in my dreams consciously.”


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