Tai Chi Chi Kung

Tai Chi Chi Kung

Tai Chi Chi Kung is grounded in the principles of the Tao. Integrating these principles into the movements of the form and even everyday movements determines one’s level of mastery. It does not matter if you know a long or a short Tai Chi form; what counts is knowledge and application of the Tai Chi Chi Kung principles.

One can study the Tai Chi Classics or find a list of ‘The Best Tai Chi Books” to learn the basic principles of Tai Chi Chi Kung. Studying them, memorizing them, and, most importantly, practicing them allow one to apply them in one’s movements.

Try to study one principle at a time and play with it until you can do it automatically. Then work on the next principle in the same way until, and the next and the next.

A Tai Chi form becomes like Tai Chi Chi Kung when practiced in a meditative way. Eventually, one can incorporate the Tai Chi aching Kung principles into everyday life–as one sits, walks, stands, and lies down. The practitioner will notice they are moving in a fresh, effortless, and beautiful way. This is the reward of Tai Chi Chi Kung.

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