Swallowing Golden Elixir

Swallowing Golden Elixir

Taoist masters from many traditions development methods that mix the hormones and energies of nature with the saliva. This energy is moved around the mouth and swallowed to nourish the entire body. An analogy is lubrication in the gears of a complex machine. Super-charged saliva, (the body’s ‘Golden Elixir’) travels through the digestive system and is dispersed through every cell of the body.

Taoists found that the energy of the senses and reproductive hormones could be collected and used to heal the body. Normally, those energies are used to perceive the world and create life. In a hyper-sensory culture, flashing lights, loud music, exotic tastes, and constant stimulation will drain the energy the sense organs have to perceive the world. Careless and unconscious sexual practices waste the life-creating energy. But, through chi kung and Taoist meditation, we can harness these energies and circulate them through our body.

The Golden Elixir Chi Kung practices fit nicely into one’s current spiritual practice. It shouldn’t feel like one more thing to learn and do. To keep this simple, just end your yoga, tai chi, chi kung, or meditation practice by moving your tongue around the mouth (9-36 times on the outside of the teeth, both directions and 9-36 times on the inside of the teeth), then swallow the saliva. There is more to the Golden Elixir practice, such as using the hair of the body as antennae to absorb nature’s energy and pulling up the energy of the organs to the senses, but for now, just practice swallowing the saliva. There is a book called “Golden Elixir Chi Kung” by Mantak Chia if you’re interested.

And, as always, there are 81 chi kung exercises that you can use to super-charge your saliva:

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