Strengthening Bone Marrow

Strengthening Bone Marrow

The bone marrow can be revitalized through the Taoist practice of Iron Shirt Chi Kung 3. The energy that is absorbed into the bones can replenish the blood cells that are manufactured in the bone marrow. The Taoists believe that the strength created through these practices help the body to not only fight off disease, but to also prevent illness before it occurs. Additionally, Iron Shirt 3 practices target the lymph nodes of the body through gentle hitting that detoxifies and eliminates waste water in the lymph system.

The hitting process is applied in three ways. The first involves use of the mung bean hitter, on the organs and bones, to release and absorb heat. Secondly, the practitioner advances to a metal wire hitter that sends a deep vibrational resonance into the bones, muscles, tissues, and organs. It is said that the wire hitter sends a vibration up to six inches deep into the body. Thus, hitting the torso on all sides can break up stuck energy or toxins throughout the body.

The third implement used in the Iron Shirt hitting practice are the rattan hitting sticks. Two rattan sticks are taped together and used to detoxify the skin, nervous, and lymphatic systems. The sticks do not penetrate as deeply as the metal wire hitter, so their focus is not the bones but the layers of the skin and nervous system. The rattan hitting practice is called ‘ringing the golden bell’ because the skin takes on a glowing, vibrant hue after being detoxified in this method.

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