Store Energy in the Lower Abdomen

Store Energy in the Lower Abdomen

Basic chi kung exercises focus on building and storing energy in the lower abdomen, called the lower ‘tan tien,’ which means ‘the field of the elixir.’

This is the area where most of the vital organs inhabit. Storing energy here can nourish the entire body. Many people do not store their energy in their body, rather it is floating outside of their body in thoughts of the past, the future, worries, regrets, or fears.

Basic chi kung practices can help the reader regain this lost energy. Once it flows back in their bodies, it can support the numerous biological and psychological functions of all the organs.

Some simple practices can include massaging the kidneys, massaging circularly around the navel (in either or both directions), and even just deep breathing to the lower abdomen. Breathing deeply into the abdomen, so that it expands in all directions, had tremendous benefits.

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