Standing and Iron Shirt Chi Kung

The legendary Iron Shirt Chi Kung practices are divided into three levels in the Healing Tao system. Iron Shirt consists of standing practices that are more advanced than the sitting practices, but less advanced than the walking practices of Tai Chi Chi Kung.

Iron Shirt Chi Kung 1 consists of exercises based around abdominal breathing, strengthening the fascia to protect the organs, rooting the feet into the earth, strengthening and aligning the spine and psoas muscle, and bringing the earth energy into the body to be stored in the organs safely.

Iron Shirt Chi Kung 2 is a Taoist practice for strengthening and rejuvenating the tendons. The true strength of the body is held and expressed through the tendons, rather than the muscles. Over the long term, the tendon strength holds up and requires much less maintenance and caloric fuel than building muscles. The practice of strengthening the tendons also allows the joints to open, grow stronger, and store more energy. The raw energy that is stored in the tendons and joints can be transferred into higher spiritual and creative energy.

Iron Shirt 3 is a Taoist practice for strengthening the bone marrow,
detoxifying the skin, and cultivating internal power through advance sexual energy practices. The Iron Shirt 3 meditations open the bones, the pores of the skin, and sexual organs. The Taoists theorizes that the kidneys control the flow of all ‘waters’ in the body. This includes the sexual waters, the blood, the lymphatic system, and the hormones that are regulated by the endocrine system.

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