Squeezing the PC Muscle

Squeezing the PC Muscle

There is a point at the base of the torso, in the perineum, between the pubic arch and the tail bone. The Taoists refer to this point as the “gate of life and death.” In acupuncture it is the Conception Vessel 1 (CV-1) point and is halfway between the anus and testicles or vagina—a point where “all nerves end.” 

Taoists call this the “gate of life and death” because a human’s vital essence can either leak out through this point or vital energy can be retained when this point is sealed. By tightening this area and reversing the flow of energy up and into the body, one can nourish and revitalize the body. Men lose energy here through excess and careless ejaculation. Women lose energy here through heavy menstruation and childbirth. Tightening this area at the base of the torso is like sealing leaks in the foundation of a home or a basement.

Squeezing the PC Muscle, the pubococcygeus muscle(s), supports the bladder and rectum, and helps control urine flow. When the muscles that make up the pelvic floor are strong, they hold the structure of the vital organs in place and they function properly. When these muscles are not toned, they sag, the energy of the body sags and leaks out, and the rest of the vital organs start to droop in the body, causing them to function less optimally. 

Strengthening and squeezing the “PC Muscle” is much like the Kegel technique that is taught in the west. Taoist teachers also suggest squeezing the circular muscles around the eyes, mouth, and anus to increase the force with which the PC muscles are strengthened. If one is in public and the eyes and mouth are appropriate to exercise, it is OK to skip this part. 

The most important part is to squeeze and release the PC Muscle as many times as feel comfortable to you. Like any muscle-building exercise, increase the repetitions gradually until one can feel the tone in the pelvic floor. Squeeze the PC Muscle while waiting in line, squeeze it while commuting, while watching television, in the shower, during Taoist yoga, tai chi, or chi kung.  After just a little practice, we will feel the energy staying in the body. Instead of flowing out and down unconsciously, it will travel up to nourish the vital organs through the Microcosmic Orbit meditation and the Inner Smile. Anyone else have positive experiences with this technique? 

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