After a century of lazy-boy chairs and comfortable toilets in the west, squatting is back in style. Sitting in a squatting position for even a minute per day can have profound effects on the body. This may be nothing new, but it’s worth discussing the reasons it’s so healthy. 

When the hips open through squatting, the sacrum and spine open. When the hips and sacrum are open, the warm life energy from the reproductive organs to fill the spine, the brain, and the nervous system. Endorphins are released in the brain and the endocrine system activate glands through out the body. 

It can be painful at first, but before long, the body opens up and flexibility returns. Start slow and hold a chair or lean against a wall and only go as low as you comfortable can at first. Over time, the other joints will open and the muscles and tendons will relax. 

Some benefits of squatting:


•Body Alignment


•Improves Circulation 

•Lower Lumbar Open

•Core and muscle strength

•Discipline and Focus 


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