Spinal Cord Chi Kung

Spinal Cord Chi Kung

Chi Kung movements keep the vertebrae of the spine loose and activate the crainial and sacral pumps. These pumps are at the base of the skull and where the spinal cord meets the sacrum. With age, cerebral-spinal fluid doesn’t seem to nourish the spinal column as well. With this, growing older can lead to shrinking, as the  bones of the spine grow weaker. Taoist masters believe that lack of energy flow up the spine, over time, leads to decreased mental capacity in old age. 

Since a human stands erect, chi kung exercises that move the spine help to pump raw energy from the lower, animal-natured centers up to the higher, spiritual-natured centers and the brain. Too much sitting on the sacrum, in transit or at a desk, cause energy to be stuck in the sacrum and lower lumbar vertebrae. Regular movement and chi kung exercises keep the spine healthy. Spinal cord chi kung, also known as embryo breathing, and 80 other chi kung exercises are covered in The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold 


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