Self Reflection: Time

If we look honestly at your habits, we can predict where we’ll be in five, ten, or twenty years. Let’s talk about some healthy habits that have to do with our mental mind state and a ays that we can ease stress. Are we always late? Do we feel that we’re running late, apologizing, starting meetings off on the wrong foot? Why is that? Are there ways that you can track that? What are some of the continual ways that you’re late?

What else causes stress on a regular basis? ​Is it because you can’t find your keys? That’s a simple one, so maybe you hang your keys right by the door every time. Your shoes, where were they? Maybe you can just find one of them. That doesn’t do you much good, so you want to find out where both of them are. Ease the stress if that’s one of them by frequently being late.

Are you overextended? Do you feel like you just can’t get it all done, there’s not enough hours in the day? Where can you outsource some of that stuff? At least one activity to see if you can clear the deck on that activity. Peace of mind is worth something; pay to get some help to reduce stress.


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