Question on Sexual Health

Question on Sexual Health

Recent question: I’m reading a book about sexual energy being used for health. What do you know about it? Would love to hear your thoughts.

One answer: The nature of sexual energy is that it is creative and powerful energy. It can restore hormones, create a baby, fuel better thinking, and even lead to a feeling of connectedness and love for mankind and nature. 

The natural path for men and woman is out our sexual organs, if we can reverse that path and turn the energy upwards, it can nourish the body. We can harness that energy and circulate it into our body. Conserving it in the body is a healthier path, long-term, than letting sexual energy flow out and down, leaving our body. Short-term, it’s not a big deal. Don’t turn this into a forceful dogma riddled with guilt and shame. Long term, it is a great habit, but short term, be kind to yourself—speaking mostly to the men here. 

Just a reminder from previous posts, men can lose vital energy from excess ejaculation. Women can lose vital energy through heavy and exhausting periods. The chi kung methods are similar for both genders. One method is breathing the kidney sound up (‘chooooo’) and the heart sound down (‘haaaaa’). 

For men, the eyes relate to sexual energy and desire, so breathing between the testicles and the eyeballs, passing through the heart and including the feeling of love is a great practice. For women, breast massage seems to be the practice that helps the most. This practice involves massaging the breast in a circular direction of up and toward the outside of the torso. While self-massaging, visualize energy traveling up from the ovaries to be stored in the breasts. Both of these and related techniques lead to better health and vitality.

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