Positive Cell Vibration

Positive Cell Vibration

When we practice The Inner Smile Meditation, it infuses our cells and tissues with the positive emotions we are feeling. As our cells multiply, as they grow and divide into more cells, the new cells take the imprint of the previous cell.

We want to grow virtues in the organs and when the cells multiply, they will have the imprint of gratitude and the positive virtues and positive emotions of the higher vibration that we infused in them through the Inner Smile practice.

It is said that in seven years, your body totally recreates itself. The new cells are made up of the food and drinks that you put into your body over those seven years. The thoughts and environment also leave their imprint. I’ve since heard that is takes one year for our cells to recreate themselves throughout the entire body. Thus, we’ve got a whole new body every year.

You can do your own research there to find out if it’s one year or seven years, but the point is, you want to put positive thoughts, clean food, positive emotions, and uplifting virtues into your cells so that they multiply with that vibration.

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