Pack Energy, Protect Organs

Pack Energy, Protect Organs

Taoists have practices to pack energy into the fascia surrounding organs. This process protects the organs like bubble wrap around a precious item you send in the postal mail.  In olden times, times, it was a practice for warriors to protect them in battle. It also served as a method to protect the organs from illness and ‘evil winds’ that cause sickness. 

Packing energy into the fascia also energizes the organs. When the body is inactive and the diet is careless, fascia loses its tone, fat cells fill spaces between fascia, the organs sag, the diaphragms of the body droop, and chi leaks out of the body more rapidly. The Taoist practices of energizing breathing, chi kung (which means skill with energy), Tai chi, and Taoist yoga stretch and tone the fascia, helping the organs stay in place.  

Packing energy into the lower abdomen and fascia surrounding the organs is like filling a tire with proper air pressure. When the internal pressure is equal to or stronger pressure, we can ‘kick the tires’ and they won’t cave in. Low chi pressure or air pressure in the body is like going through life with a flat tire. Another analogy for fascia-related Taoist practices is that of putting an egg inside a balloon, then placing that balloon in another balloon. This air pressure allows us to kick the egg-balloon package around without damaging the precious content inside. 

More detail on practices are included in The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold 

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