Opening the Third Eye

Opening and Expanding the Third Eye

The ‘Third Eye’ point can be found in the mid-eyebrow, at the center of the forehead. It is said that when one focuses here during meditation, and one can feel wisdom, connectedness with one’s own body, and an experience of oneness with aspects of nature.

Awakening the third eye activates the pituitary gland and aids self-healing abilities, according to Taoist masters. By focusing on the third eye as part of a meditation to expand positive virtues, one can resonate with higher frequencies and feel them internally.

To awaken the energy at the mid-eyebrow, first, relax the body and relax the muscles of the forehead. Then, you can massage the point between the eyebrows in a spiraling motion. Massage the point until you don’t need the fingers to feel a tingling sensation there. Feel the smiling energy of the heart, along with the virtues of openness, kindness, love, and generosity expanding within you.

Smiling energy from the heart will spread and radiate up to and out from the third eye. The body’s internal energies will relax, and start to come into balance. At the end of the meditation, massage the navel and lower abdomen in a circular fashion. Then, rub the kidneys until they feel warm. This will safely store the accumulated energy in the vital organs, instead of the head.

Photo: Awaken Healing Energy of the Tao, by Mantak Chia

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