Opening the Microcosmic Energy Channel

Opening the Microcosmic Energy Channel

The two primary energy channels in the body make up the microcosmic orbit. One channel travels up the spine and the other travels down the front, midline of the body. The tongue acts like a light switch that connects the two channels. When the tongue is touching the roof of the mouth, behind the front teeth, the circuit is connected and energy flows through the orbit. 

There are few reliable ways to open the orbit. First, we can massage each point along the orbit to increase our awareness along the channels. Second, we can breathe in and out at each point of the orbit, feeling the points open. Third, we can let the body relax and feel energy flow in the orbit naturally. 

Feeling the third eye open, the overactive energy of the head can flow down the front of the body like a waterfall. If we feel the energy at each area of the orbit, there will be a warm sensation as the energy finds its way through the body. There is a difference between seeing an image of energy flowing and feeling energy flow in the body. We want to awaken the healing energy in the body. As we learn to relax and feel open, we will sense energy moving in the body. 

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