Nature in the Body

Nature in the Body

There is a map some Taoists use for the body that corresponds to a map of nature. As one goes up the core channel (in the center of the body, following the glands) one is able to experience a greater level of nature at each gland.

For instance we start at the navel and connect to the human level. Then, we move up to the level of the planet Earth at the pancreas/solar plexus. Next, we move up to the heart; the center of our being connects to the center of the Solar System. At the center of the head, we connect to the center of the Galaxy; resonating with the pole star / North Star and to the different star quadrants. 

To close this mediation, bring the energy of the earth, sun, and stars back to the navel. One can massage the navel and lower abdomen in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. When the energy is stored in the body, it can nourish the vital organs.

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