Move Heat and Energy from Your Head to Your Body’s Organs

Move Heat and Energy from Your Head to Your Body’s Organs

One aspect of The Inner Smile meditation (a process where the practitioner focus on feeing and thanking each organ) is that we’re moving energy from our head down to our body. In our current state, a lot of our awareness is in our sense organs; our ears, our eyes, our mouth from the manufactured tastes in the things we eat and drink. In general, we have a lot of energy in our heads. Ideally, we want to move that awareness and energy down into our organs where it can nourish our vitality.

Science has found that there are as many nerve cells in our small intestines as there are in our brains. We even have language for this. This “gut feeling” that you have has science to back up that there is a neurological response there. These are some of the goals of The Inner Smile.

As you plan to start a meditation practice, set aside a time and a space, such as ten minutes in the morning, five minutes in the evening, ten minutes in the evening, or thirty minutes on Saturday. Set aside a time and a space and obtain anatomy photos. As we turn our attention and wellness intention to these organs, we have a photo reference so we are able to look at what a heart actually looks like, or what a liver actually looks like, and we can more easily see it in a healthy state inside of us.

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