Measuring Success

“You can expect what you inspect.” We can learn to ​keep score in all areas where we want to improve. In finance we can focus on giving, saving, debt elimination, and investing. We can measure aspects of our health; cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides, white blood cell count—anything that’s important to you. People often obsess about their weight, but also think about measuring your body mass index, your muscle tone, flexibility, endocrine health, etc.

​In the relationships area, maybe it’s the number of nights per month to be at home and eat with your family. Maybe it’s the number of cards and uplifting messages to send out to people I care about. In your free time, maybe it’s a number of hours of free time in nature a day, a week, so many days of traveling a year. It helps to make sure to you have a goal there so we know that if we’re meeting it or not.

​In the teams that you’re involved in, (including family), a team-building, unity-driving goal can be helped by applying a common score-keeping mechanism. If we’re all involved in creating the goal together, if we help each other keep track of it, it can build a lot of unity and we have more success moving toward it.

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