Maintain Clarity of Mind

“The accomplished ones, of ancient times, advised people how to guard themselves against disease-causing factors. On the mental level, one should remain calm and avoid excessive desires and fantasies, recognizing and maintaining the natural purity and clarity of the mind. When internal energies are able to circulate smoothly and freely, and the energy of the mind is not scattered, but is focused and concentrated, illness and disease can be avoided.”

-The Yellow Emperor’s Classic, ~240 B.C. translated by Maoshing Ni,
Shambala Publications ISBN 1-57062-080-6


Man Following Tao as River Flows to the Sea

The Tao is unnamable.
Even though it is simple,
it is below nothing in the world.
If a ruler could merge with it,
the people would be at peace.

If Heaven and Earth could unite in the heart,
All things would be equal.
When everything is equal,
It is easy to find health and longevity.

Man following Tao
is like a river flowing to the sea.

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