Lengthen the Spine

Lengthen the Spine 

Imagine feeling a gentle pull upward at the crown of the head. Simultaneously, imagine a gentle downward pull at the tail bone. Practice feeling the spine lengthen when standing, sitting, and walking. A feeling of connection between the top of the head and the tail bone creates neural activity through the length of the spine. 

Over time, gravity shortens the spine and the other joints of the skeletal system. Modern lifestyles speed up the shortening of the spine and decrease the space between vertebrae. However, the Taoist practices of chi kung help the spine stay flexible and vital. Standing practices and Tai chi move the spine in ways that repair it from daily misuse. 

Stress and pressures of modern life are hard to eliminate. Stress can be minimized, but living in society requires some compromise with sitting at computers, riding in cars, and chairs that don’t support great posture. Fortunately, Taoist practices can be performed by modern people to counteract modern challenges to health. 


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