Iron Shirt Chi Kung Prolongs Life

Iron Shirt Chi Kung Prolongs Life
“Long life and happiness have been pursued by people for centuries, and the search still continues. However, even with the added impetus of all that modern science and technology can offer, little, if any real progress has been made that is in the common domain. It is currently believed by many here in the West that daily physical exercise helps to stave off aging. However, statistically, athletes do not live longer nor seem to be appreciably healthier for their efforts. In fact, as the effects of aging impede them more and more, many of them become subject to depression. They are no longer able to compete successfully. In order to do more strenuous exercises, parts of the body must be changed. Also, there seems to be some basis for thinking that certain situations, such as the stress of competitive athletics or the use of drugs, may contribute to premature aging (discounting injuries that are sustained in more violent pursuits). A Taoist might comment that this is so because in accenting the physical, the spiritual was neglected, as well as the mind, the nervous system and the internal vital circuits.
Man’s life span has been prolonged by science and technology. However, more often than not, the added life span can be of a low enough quality not to seem to be of great benefit.” From Iron Shirt Chi Kung 1, By Mantak Chia

“In summary, Iron Shirt Chi Kung I training is divided into three levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.
a. On the physical level, one learns how to (1) align structurally to strengthen and alter a weak structure into a strong structure so that Chi can flow easily throughout the body and provide room for organs to grow within the body’s structure; (2) develop a Chi Belt, the major connection of the upper and lower energy channels, without which proper structural alignment and Chi energy will be lost; (3) detoxify and exercise the organs and glands in order to charge and pack the Chi in them, to serve as cushioning to surround and protect them, and to fill the cavity of the body with Chi pressure; (4) increase Chi storage between the fasciae sheets; open the fasciae to serve as Chi storage areas of the body replacing fat previously stored there; understand the function of the fasciae layers as cushions around the body which protect the vital organs; (5) root down to the earth, sink down and become one with the earth, to be able to pass the outside force down to earth through the structure without obstruction, and to pump the earth force up into the structure and counteract outside forces with the assistance of the earth; (6) generate an easily flowing Chi through the meridians of the body and transform Chi to a higher “octane” to serve as the nourishment of the soul and spirit body.”

-From Iron Shirt Chi Kung 1, by Mantak Chia


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