Increasing Energy

Increasing Energy

It’s easy to want to start here. Increasing energy or an increased feeing of energy is a major reason why most seek chi kung or yoga. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve written posts about conserving, balancing, and transforming energy. These stages are recommended, as a progression, before increasing energy. And next, transmitting energy in the form of healing is the fifth stage in this sequence—but more on that another day. 

Increasing energy before learning to conserve it is like heating a house in the winter with the windows open. The windows of the body are the sense organs, the reproductive organs, and a weak pelvic floor. If energy leaks out through these windows or gates, increasing energy will be a bit wasteful. We can learn the processes of how to increase chi, but won’t benefit as much unless we can conserve it. 

Balancing energy is another important skill before increasing energy. Balancing polarities of energy can mean balancing hot and cold in the body or dryness and damp energy. Balancing the emotions of anger and kindness, depression and courage, stillness and fear, etc are important to experience peace before increasing energy. When we increase energy without practices to balance the energy, we magnify the imbalances. 

Transforming energy is similar. Without this skill, the increased energy will remain the same type of energy that was brought into the body from the outside. (Sun/moon/Star chi has to be converted and transformed into something usable by the physical body.) 

The good news is that there is abundant energy in nature. The earth, other planets, the sun and moon, trees, oceans, waterfalls, and other bodies in nature can help us feel rejuvenated. Once we practice the steps outlined above, increasing energy become the path to health and vitality. 

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