Ill Winds In the Body

Ill Winds In the Body

One way Taoists describe illness in the body is by using the analogy of evil or sick winds trapped in the organs. For instance, the small intestine can trap a wind that, when it becomes stagnant, attacks the spleen, liver, pericardium, and heart making them dysfunctional. Resulting symptoms can be inflammation, such as a burning or itching feeling, restless sleep, and sometimes a rash.

The Taoist theory is that when evil winds (or sick energy) are trapped in the body, the emotions of cruelty, impatience, anger, envy, and hatred are trapped around the liver and heart. The heart can hold a lot of blocked emotional energy. Sometimes this energy has been blocked at the heart for years or decades. When emotional energy is too difficult to process at the time of the trauma, the body stores it until it can be processed later. However, “later” is postponed until a healing crisis forces one into finding a solution.

Exercises that release the trapped wind of the small intestine and the associated energy in the liver and heart can lead to a strong emotional release. Fortunately, learning how to release trapped emotional energy is easier and quicker than the time it took to stuff the emotions down in the psyche. Some external healing help is useful and recommended, but it’s best if accompanied by self-healing techniques. Deep breathing and smiling into the chest can help that area of the body to soften and relax. Exhaling the heart sound and other healing sounds can help ease the tightness, excess heat, stuck emotions, and pain.

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